Business and Office Moving

Business and Office Moving


As far as ‘business moving’ is concerned, we are the best. Our moving plans are customized to take into account both your needs and your budget and make your move as hassle free as possible. The way our team is organized, makes sure that time is spent effectively, while keeping the downtime as low as possible. We take pride in employees that stay productive for the duration of their assignment, show their enthusiasm and remain very passionate about their job.

General Medical Equipment

We have been shipping medical equipment for quite some time. Best Mission Viejo Movers is aware of how much care is required in transporting these kind of equipment so that you don’t have to worry about it at all. We look forward to the responsibility and we always make sure that any equipment assigned in our care is securely transported as it is among those things that we do best.

Moving of IT equipment

Servers and workstations are key items for any business. They are always transported very carefully and under full supervision. We can also dismantle and reconstruct your entire IT network. Our team of experts will be happy to do it for you. They know how to carefully pack and move IT equipment in industry standard packing materials that will keep it protected from dust and shocks. We offer you the ability to select from a wide range of customizable options that range from just picking up your hardware to taking care of your entire IT network.

Storing And Warehousing

Choose any of our office relocation programs to receive the most efficient and organized move that minimizes downtime and maintains high productivity levels. Storing was not this easy, until now. We have storage space that can accommodate all requests and satisfy all needs. All you need to do is to make us aware of your plans in advance so that we can send our team to pick up whatever it is from your premises. Afterwards, they will be safely taken to our storage facility where they will be kept in absolute security. At your company’s request, we will deliver your cargo either back to where it came from or to the new address of your business.

We Take Full Responsibility

Unlike many companies who just move items from point A to point B, we make sure that all the items are safely delivered without any damage. We take full responsibility for this and in the unlikely case that anything gets damaged or lost, we have several options such as insurance if you go for it. Our employees are trained to handle everything in the most professional of manners and our record has been exemplary thus far. Our supervisors are there to ensure that everything that is loaded into our trucks is unloaded exactly as it was and they will not leave the premises until you have inspected everything and advise them that you are satisfied.

Our Logistics

We have a fleet of transportation trucks and lorries. We use the correct type of means of transportation as per the case we are called in. Our trucks have different capacities so that we can accommodate all needs. Furthermore, we take extra care in the promptness of our deliveries regardless of the distance that we will have to cover in order to deliver your cargo to the location that you want the items at. Our fleet consists of fully licensed trucks and lorries and our drivers are experienced enough to drive safely and carefully so that what we are assigned arrives on time and in one piece.

Doing Our Best Every Time

Having essentially more resources than any commercial mover, we set up our human resources to be completely prepared to manage your belongings. As a way to make sure that these resources are delivering the highest of standards to our customers on a continuous basis, we survey each move we perform. The result is in an ongoing customer satisfaction that is way above the average.
Our target is to give a hundred percent of what we can every time. However, we understand that moving can be tricky, challenging and involves a lot of obstacles. This is why we always provide our clients with the option to supervise and assist in their own move. If you feel that we should handle things differently we will do it your way. It is this practice that made us number one in the eyes of our customers as recognized by our customer satisfaction reviews and feedback.
You can get in touch with us here ((949) 415-5605) if you have any queries or wish to give us your valuable feedback.